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the indy kid live journal

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19th October 2004

saint_nate8:42am: gripe
why does it seem like there are a faction of kids at indy that seem so much less mature than what they should be? is it really just indy? am i just failing to notice it at the other attractions at which i work (WDS, BTM)...i mean, i'm sure it also exists at other attractions...but, i mean, for me, why just indy?
Current Mood: annoyed

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23rd August 2004

nikollinei8:05pm: sadly
Sadly, the temple gives me headaches so i try to avoid it as much as possible now. I've been pulling a few jobs over at the "Jungle Safari Adventure" and they have been alright. I miss the mountain and can't wait till the mines are open again!
Hopefully someday the temple will be as it was...fun...
Current Mood: calm


28th April 2004

saint_nate10:00am: mm...mm...good.
dear fellow archaeologists:

having made it back to india to continue my excavation at the temple of the forbidden eye, under the supervision of dr. jones, i must say that it has been an enjoyable experience, more enjoyable as every night goes by. although, i must say, spending 30-40 minute periods of time with sallah in a dark room gets pretty annoying, sometimes i want to give him a knuckle sandwich. i'll be going back out west for a little bit next week to continue mining for gold sequins...but, i'll be at the temple again. i'm pretty excited about going out of hot wings with all of the archaeologists tonight, that should be a smashing good time. see all of you at the temple.

Current Mood: dorky


8th April 2004

nikollinei12:36pm: letter
Dear Nate:

The temple is as dusty as ever! Guests hve continued to come from miles around; Stupidia, Assholeado, and Bitchland! None the less we are hard at work promoting our video and allowing these guests to tour the temple. Our little adventurers seem to be getting smaller as the days go bye...must be nice being able to allow smaller minors into the mines....

So the west is treating you good huh!? I heard you were mining for sequence for awhile, but i must have been miss informed! I hope the Mt. is treating you well! Just be careful while wondering into those mines, there could be some people that will blast out an area after you are already in and you might get trapped! You never know what might happen!

I was thinking of making a trip out west for awhile but the temple has me working day and night for weeks and weeks! I am a little nervous to be back in those mines though...we shall see what Dr. Jones thinks.

I will be sure to pass your regards onto Dr. Jones. Sallah said that he already paid you back and that you had better not bring your lies into the temple when you come back!

best regards,
Current Mood: cheerful


3rd April 2004

saint_nate8:13am: welcome adventurers!
after the two-month hiatus, it seems appropriate to say welcome back to the temple! i, myself, am no where to be found at the moment...while y'all continue your excavations with dr. jones, i am far out west mining for gold (a century of asian-american progress, and they've put me back at a mining site, ironic, isn't it?)...anyways, take care of the temple, and send dr. jones my regards. (and tell sallah that i want the 5-bucks he owes me)
Current Mood: chipper


22nd March 2004

saint_nate9:21am: whoa.
indy might re-open as early as friday afternoon...that explains those ugly-ass group shifts on my schedule. that seems a little crazy...

---by the way: does anybody ever really read this community anymore?
Current Mood: curious


20th March 2004

saint_nate8:23pm: indy! new schedule! premature launch! one timer with the thunder!
i got one indy shift on the new schedule! and it's probably gonna be the only indy shift i get in a long time, since i go to BIG THUNDER promptly after that...goodbye other attractions, hello heat! (and being the replacement filipino guy...that's right, i said it, and you know it's true.)
Current Mood: excited


19th March 2004

saint_nate11:51am: coming soon...like premature eja--whatever.
yeah...indy update training this thursday...rock on like donkey kong. whoot.

was anyone else as excited as i was when strongbad reached 100 emails? in wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidescreeeeeeeeeeen?
Current Mood: anxious

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nikollinei10:20am: i want to go "home"!!
I miss Indy as well but i fear i will never see it again....
I want to go back to my "home"!!
I'm so excited for my update it's pathetic!
When is my update you may ask? it has yet to be scheduled....
stupid BTM!
That is all...
Current Mood: sad


16th March 2004

noodlenuggets2:38pm: COMING UP REALLY SOON!!!
wow, i just figured out how to post on this thing. well, Indy will be coming back up hopefully really soon. I heard that there was a "soft opening" in the works for next week... according to janice... u know, she knows all (except when it comes to brushing that mane).

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12th March 2004

saint_nate9:05am: miss it.
damn stupid attraction.

i miss indy.
Current Mood: nerdy


18th February 2004

nikollinei8:37pm: yep
that is my input for the day/week/month...
hope everyone is doing well at their new attractions!
Current Mood: blah


9th February 2004

saint_nate9:42am: echo!!!
*tweet tweet*
anybody out thurr??
Current Mood: curious


12th January 2004

nikollinei11:14pm: Well It's About Time!
Nate and I have finally gotten off our lazy asses and decided on something we can do...that is fairly inexpensive and something hopefully everyone can do!
We are gunna try and put together an INDY Kids BBQ.
Details to be posted....when they are figured out.
Stay tuned....
We thank you for your patience and cooperation...
Your adventure will continue momentarily!
Current Mood: anxious


11th January 2004

saint_nate12:28am: coming soon...
the indy_kid chillouting is coming soon, stay tuned for details. yo!
Current Mood: sleepy


2nd January 2004

saint_nate12:35pm: untouched
umm...those plans to get the indy kids together...i swear they're in the works! seriously! announcements are pending...as soon as we get it together!!!
Current Mood: productive

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31st December 2003

saint_nate11:05am: guest control
yeah. i'm gonna miss the temple tonight...i'll be out at main street doing christmas tree point guest control as the ball drops...have fun y'all. happy new year.
Current Mood: blah


29th December 2003

nikollinei4:29pm: random questionaire
Band: MxPx

Are you male or female? Rock And Roll Girl
Describe yourself: Cold And Alone
How do some people feel about you? Sugarcoated Poisoned Apple
Describe one of your main interests: Party at my House, Be there
How do you feel about yourself? Foolish
Describe your ex: Late Last Night & Letting Go
Describe how you love: What's Mine is Yours
Describe how you live: Time Brings Change
Describe what you want to be: The Next Big Thing
Describe your current mood: Lonesome Town
Describe your friends: Your problem my emergency
Share a few words of wisdom: Tomorrow's Another Day & Don't Look Back
Current Mood: bored


nikollinei4:18pm: Yahoo Group
We now have a Yahoo group for Indy Kids so for those of you who do not have a live journal account (and for those of you that do) you can post and chat with us!

The yahoo group is Invite only to prevent creepy APs and such from joining. If at any time you want to join or know of someone else who wants to join just send Me or Nate and e-mail with your e-mail address...or whoever's e-mail address and we will send you an invitation. It's lots of fun...everyone's doing it...you should to!

I know Nate and I are stoked to try and get together with a bunch of Indy Kids...mostly because Nate is awesome and thought of an Indy Kids get together! So if you have any ideas feel free mention it!
Current Mood: cheerful


saint_nate3:25pm: quickly
indy kids rock! all of you!
Current Mood: optimistic


28th December 2003

saint_nate11:52pm: group outing
i'm thinking of arranging an indy outing...everyone shall be invited to it...good times and positivity indeed...if anyone wants to pitch in and help, let me know.

also, if any of y'all know about other indy cast members that would like to be part of this community, let me know. the more indy kids we get here, the more that this becomes a community...

if someone wants to help me out and start up a yahoo community, for those without live journal...that'd be great, and i'd prolly make you a maintainer for this site, since i don't think i want to maintain this journal alone.

one last thing concerning indy kids without livejournals...right now it's easier than ever to get a livejournal, since you do not need a reference to get one anymore, well...not at the moment...so, spread the word and lets make this indy_kid community a worthwhile thing!
Current Mood: determined

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saint_nate8:55pm: saint_nate's day off
yay for days off.

work can be really fun...especially when one of your co-cast members is purposefully trying to make you horny and tries to magnify all of your sexual frustrations on-stage...well...it's funny...

what's not funny is the drama...but...this is not the time, not now...

i enjoy working at the temple...i even enjoy the people, since the drama doesn't have to do with me...what i don't enjoy this atmosphere created by the needless drama...

i really do like everybody...for everyone's sake...i hope the drama dies down...

i wish it could get to a point where everyone could hang out together...

i'm an idealist...

and i won't let the drama get to me...it doesn't have to do with me...and i like it there anyways...i can spend hours freezing at the exit...with my scarf wrapped around my head. it's fun times.
Current Mood: horny


nikollinei2:52am: Yay for Nate
I'm really glad that you decided to get this thing going...
Good for you!!
I hope it leads to more unity than it does drama...
But as you said...we shall see!
Current Mood: calm


27th December 2003

saint_nate4:23pm: first post
eh...just a test post...to see how this works...we'll see how work goes today...6 to close...something a little more sane than an eleven and a half hour shift...

this community could get really dramatic...or it could unite indy_kids who wouldn't be united in any other case...we'll see y'all. take care.
Current Mood: lonely


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