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group outing

i'm thinking of arranging an indy outing...everyone shall be invited to it...good times and positivity indeed...if anyone wants to pitch in and help, let me know.

also, if any of y'all know about other indy cast members that would like to be part of this community, let me know. the more indy kids we get here, the more that this becomes a community...

if someone wants to help me out and start up a yahoo community, for those without live journal...that'd be great, and i'd prolly make you a maintainer for this site, since i don't think i want to maintain this journal alone.

one last thing concerning indy kids without livejournals...right now it's easier than ever to get a livejournal, since you do not need a reference to get one anymore, well...not at the, spread the word and lets make this indy_kid community a worthwhile thing!
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