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Dear Nate:

The temple is as dusty as ever! Guests hve continued to come from miles around; Stupidia, Assholeado, and Bitchland! None the less we are hard at work promoting our video and allowing these guests to tour the temple. Our little adventurers seem to be getting smaller as the days go bye...must be nice being able to allow smaller minors into the mines....

So the west is treating you good huh!? I heard you were mining for sequence for awhile, but i must have been miss informed! I hope the Mt. is treating you well! Just be careful while wondering into those mines, there could be some people that will blast out an area after you are already in and you might get trapped! You never know what might happen!

I was thinking of making a trip out west for awhile but the temple has me working day and night for weeks and weeks! I am a little nervous to be back in those mines though...we shall see what Dr. Jones thinks.

I will be sure to pass your regards onto Dr. Jones. Sallah said that he already paid you back and that you had better not bring your lies into the temple when you come back!

best regards,
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