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saint_nate's day off

yay for days off.

work can be really fun...especially when one of your co-cast members is purposefully trying to make you horny and tries to magnify all of your sexual frustrations's funny...

what's not funny is the drama...but...this is not the time, not now...

i enjoy working at the temple...i even enjoy the people, since the drama doesn't have to do with me...what i don't enjoy this atmosphere created by the needless drama...

i really do like everybody...for everyone's sake...i hope the drama dies down...

i wish it could get to a point where everyone could hang out together...

i'm an idealist...

and i won't let the drama get to doesn't have to do with me...and i like it there anyways...i can spend hours freezing at the exit...with my scarf wrapped around my head. it's fun times.
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